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About Class Health

‘Contains the answers the doctor wishes he had given if only he’d had the time’
Dr Thomas Stuttaford, The Times

Since 1989 we have published health books for the general public, especially those who have been diagnosed with a chronic disease. The categories in which we publish are: Health, Self-help, Nursing and Medicine.

We publish across the range of common health conditions, as well as covering some uncommon ones. We aim to have the definitive book in each category.

Class Health’s raison d’être is to give people back control over their lives by presenting medically sound and practical information in plain English.

Our Answers at your Fingertips series uses a question-and-answer format. We go to great trouble to research and collect genuine questions from real people, demanding that our authors address these questions in a practical, positive and medically accurate way.

Why Class Health is unique?

The unique element of our titles is their medical authority – the result of combining top class medical authors with top-class editors. We aim to publish good, enduring books, and to revise them frequently.

‘Woe betide any clinicians or nurses whose patients have read this invaluable source of down-to-earth information when they have not.’
The Lancet

About our authors

All our authors are medical experts, at the top of their profession. They are professors, consultants, GPs, nurses, and dieticians.  All are active in practice and have a reputation for being able to communicate with the general public.

Our health books are highly regarded by the medical and nursing profession as sources of good and reliable information. Frequently the books are recommended by doctors and nurses, as well as by the major support charities in the field.

Our Links with Charities

Though we see ourselves as fiercely independent, we do have close links with a number of patient-support and advocacy charities, who feel that our books are helpful to their members. Some links are more formal than others: The National Kidney Federation, for example, recommends five of our titles of importance to their membership and these selected books carry this recommendation.


We are proud to have consistently received many awards and commendations for our books over the last 20 years from various respected institutions such as the British Medical Association (BMA) and the Royal Society of Authors. Some of these include:


We are always keen to hear from individuals, librarians and from booksellers. If you know of any good books now out of print, or US books that are hard to get hold of, do tell us: Class Health might be able to republish them and make them readily available in the UK. Moreover, if there are any medical conditions we don’t already cover and you think we should, please let us know.


Distribution is through Macmillan Distribution in Basingstoke, Tel 01256 302699.

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