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100 Questions & Answers About Asthma

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    ISBN: 9780763780913
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    ISBN: 9780763780913

If you suffer from asthma, or have a friend or relative who does, this book offers all the information you need to better understand and manage the condition. Completely revised and updated, 100 Questions & Answers About Asthma, Second Edition includes information about the latest scientific approaches to asthma care and research, provides comprehensive information about medicines used to treat asthma, and focuses on healthy living with asthma. This book provides authoritative, practical answers to your questions about treatment options, coping strategies - for both patient and family - sources of support, the importance of exercise and nutrition, and much more.  Featuring “insider” advice from an actual patient, this book is an invaluable resource for anyone coping with the physical and emotional turmoil of this chronic, yet highly controllable disease.


Table of contents

Part  1  Asthma: Facts, Theories, and Controversies

Part  2  Asthma: Symptoms and Diagnosis

Part  3  Asthma: Classification and Variants

Part  4  Asthma: Treatment Plans, Goals, and Strategies

Part  5  Asthma: Inhaled Medications and Advances

Part  6  Asthma: A Healthy Lifestyle

Part  7  Special Topic: Asthma and Pregnancy

Part  8  Special Topic: Asthma in Children

"Invaluable! A clear, comprehensive, and sympathetic guide to the causes, symptoms, treatment, and day-to-day problems of living with asthma." - Gemma Goode, Asthma Patient

This is a Jones & Bartlett title, distributed throughout Europe by Class Health.

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