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100 Questions & Answers About Breastfeeding

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Karin Cadwell, Cynthia Turner-Maffei, Anna Cadwell Blair

This text is an evidence-based, comprehensive approach to the many questions women have when they are thinking about breastfeeding and during the time they are breastfeeding their baby.  

100 Questions & Answers About Breastfeeding gives you authoritative, practical answers to your questions. Written by three prominent breastfeeding experts, Karin Cadwell, Cindy Turner-Maffei and Anna Blair, with "insider" advice from actual mothers, this book is an invaluable resource!     

Table of Contents:
Part 1 Choosing Breastfeeding
Part 2 Getting Started with Breastfeeding
Part 3 The Experience of Breastfeeding
Part 4 Lifestyle and Breastfeeding
Part 5 You and Your Family
Part 6 Breastfeeding Problems
Part 7 Special Situations Glossary 
Part 8 Glossary
Part 9 Index

About the Authors:

Karin Cadwell, PhD, RN, FAAN, IBCLC is a nationally and internationally recognized speaker, researcher and educator and faculty member of the Healthy Children 2000 Project, Inc. She convened Baby-Friendly USA, implementing the UNICEF Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in the US, was a visiting professor and program chair of the Health Communications Department of Emerson College, and is an adjunct professor at the Union Institute and University. Dr. Cadwell served on the IBLCE Panel of Experts to develop the first certification exam. Her extensive clinical experience includes hospital and community practice, and she continues to counsel nursing mothers on Cape Cod. Dr. Cadwell is the author of numerous books and articles including Maternal and Infant Assessment for the Breastfeeding and Human Lactation, and Reclaiming Breastfeeding for the US, was awarded the designation IBCLC in 1985 for "significant contribution to the fild" and has since recertified.

Cynthia Turner-Maffei, MA, IBCLC is a national coordinator of Baby-Friendly USA. She has extensive experience as a breastfeeding educator in WIC and other Maternal Child Health programs, and continues to counsel nursing mothers on Cape Cod. Cindy is a delegate to the breastfeeding coalitions on the local, state, and national level, including the US Breastfeeding Committee. A faculty member of the Healthy Children Project, and adjunct faculty of The Union Institute & University, Cindy is also an author of numerous publications, including Case Studies in Breastfeeding.

Anna Blair, PhD, CL, has focused her work primarily on evidence-based practice, ethics and teamwork with maternal and child health in the area of community and hospital based workgroups and task forces. Her masters degree is in Organizational Behaviour. Anna is a doctoral student studying Health Communications at the Union Institute. She was one of the world-wide coordinators for the GLOPAR project. She is the co-author of Toward Evidence Based Breastfeeding Practice.

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