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100 Questions & Answers About Hip Replacement

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    ISBN: 9780763768720
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    ISBN: 9780763768720

Dr. Fischer

Endorsed by the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons

Whether you or a relative have recently had a hip replacement or are considering or planning the surgery, this book offers much-needed help. 100 Questions & Answers About Hip Replacement gives authoritative, practical answers to your questions about the causes of joint disease and the details of surgery to relieve pain and improve hip function. Further, it provides support from both the doctor’s and patient’s viewpoints. Dr. Fischer, an expert orthopedic surgeon, covers topics like hip disease, diagnosis, treatment options, surgery, risks, and possible complications.

Table of contents

Part  1  Introduction

Part  2  Hip Disease

Part  3  Symptoms

Part  4  Diagnosis

Part  5  Treatment without Surgery

Part  6  Surgery

Part  7  The Operation

Part  8  After Surgery

Part  9  Risks & Complications

Part  10  Revisions & Fractures

Part  11  Other Questions



This is a Jones & Bartlett title, distributed throughout Europe by Class Health.

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