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100 Questions & Answers about Sports Nutrition & Exercise

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    ISBN: 9780763778866
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    ISBN: 9780763778866

100 Questions and Answers About Sports Nutrition and Exercise provides easily accessible answers to questions that athletes, athletic trainers and coaches may have about sports nutrition. Equipped with case studies, quick tips, and testimonials, this practical guide covers topics such as: vitamins and minerals, fluids, medications and supplements, weight management, warm ups and cool downs, flexibility, and more.




Key features:

Table of contents

Part 1  General Sports Nutrition

Part 2  General Exercise Concepts

Part 3  Pre, During, and Post-Exercise Nutrition

Part 4  Vitamins and Minerals

Part 5  Fluids

Part 6  Weight Management

Part 7  Extreme Environments

Part 8  Nutritional and Exercise Considerations for Special Populations

Part 9  Medications and Supplements

Part 10  More Information

100 Questions and Answers about Sports Nutrition and Exercise is a great addition to any athlete’s or coach’s library. It provides straightforward explanations for key topics that will help optimize performance. The book’s format with easy to read tables and Quick Tip sections allow readers to immediately access the information they need. Perfect for those pressed for time who need accurate information in one convenient location! Also ideal for nutrition and fitness professionals who need a quick reference guide for commonly asked questions." - Kelli J. Kidd, MS, RD, CSSD, United States Military Academy, Sports Dietitian and Iron-Man Triathlete


"Sports nutrition plays such a vital role in an athlete's performance and overall health, yet, this area is often overlooked by even the most well-intentioned athletes. 100 Questions About Sports Nutrition and Exercise is an excellent resource for the entire spectrum of athletes, as it highlights the importance and relevance of nutrition by covering an array of topics that appeal to everyone from novice to professional. The practical information presented is compressive, detailed, well-organized, and allows for immediate application to enhance performance and promote well-being." -Nina M. Schroder, MSW, LCSW-C, Former NCAA Division I Athlete


This is a Jones & Bartlett title, distributed throughout Europe by Class Health.

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