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Basic Skills in Statistics

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    ISBN: 9781859591017

Adrian Cook, Gopalakrishnan Netuveli, Aziz Sheikh

Statistics can be an intimidating subject for many students and clinicians.
This concise text introduces the basic concepts that underpin medical statistics, and using everyday clinical examples, highlights the importance of statistical principles to understanding and implementing research findings in routine clinical care.

This book will be an essential tool for students, clinicians in training, nurses and GPs.

Table of Contents:
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Laying the foundations: measure and probability
Part 3 Description of a single variable
Part 4 Linking two variables
Part 5 Statistical inference
Part 6 Study design
Part 7 Combining studies: systematic reviews and meta-analyses
Part 8 Managing data

"This publication is a fantastic resource for any health professional with an interest in research and goes a long way to demystify the world of statistics.  It attempts to explain complex statistical concepts by applying these to practice.  Packed full of useful key messages and an excellent glossary of terms, this should be an essential reference book for any budding researchers and anyone wishing to have a greater understanding of research papers."
Monica Fletcher, Chief Executive, Education for Health

"This easy to use book will open up a new world for those who have a blind spot for statistics.  Using everyday examples, the authors bring to life statistical principles in a way that is relevant to clinicians and researchers alike.  I will certainly be recommending it to my students, trainees and consultant colleagues."
Professor Abdul Rashid Gatrad, OBE, Consultant Paediatrician, Manor Hospital, Walsall

"...for anyone wishing to improve their understanding of evidence-based medicine and those involved in research."
Dr Mark Levy, Editor, Primary Care Respiratory Journal

About the Authors:
Adrian Cook, BSc, MSc is a Senior Statistician at the Commission for Health Improvement.

Dr Gopalakrishnan Netuveli, BSc, BDS, MDS, PhD is a Post Doctoral Research Fellow at the Department of Primary Health Care and General Practice, Imperial College, London.

Professor Aziz Sheikh, BSc, MSc, MBBS, MD, MRCP, MRCGP, DCH, DRCOG, DFFP is Professor of Primary Care Research and Development in the Division of Community Health Sciences, University of Edinburgh.

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