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Breast Reconstruction: Your Choice

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    ISBN: 9781859591970

Dick Rainsbury, Virginia Straker


‘I am afraid to tell you that you have breast cancer and you’re going to need a mastectomy.’

Hundreds of women hear these words every week in the UK, launching them into a world filled with doubt and fear of the unknown. Scores of questions rush to mind. How bad is the cancer? Will I need chemotherapy? What about my family and my children? Why me? And then, as the word ‘mastectomy’ sinks in, you need answers. Must I really lose my breast? How will it feel? Will people know? Will I ever look the same again?  

This practical guide is based around the experiences of more than 60 women who have lived through this emotional helter-skelter. It explains all the surgical and non-surgical options available and covers all you need to know to help you make your decision about breast reconstruction. It will give you that extra confidence you’re looking for at this difficult time.

Experts focus on real patients, and as well as giving you lots of information about your choices, they explain:

Table of Contents:
    Part 1 Introduction
    Part 2 What is breast reconstruction?
    Part 3 Subpectoral reconstruction and implants
    Part 4 Reconstruction with a latissimus dorsi (LD) flap
    Part 5 Reconstruction with a transverse rectus abdominus myocutaneous (TRAM) flap
    Part 6 Reconstruction after partial mastectomy
    Part 7 Reconstruction of the nipple and areola
    Part 8 Surgery on your other breast
    Part 9 Possible complications after breast reconstruction
    Part 10 Will my reconstruction be affected by my breast cancer treatment?
    Part 11 'Risk-reducing' mastectomy and reconstruction for high genetic risk
    Part 12Getting ready for breast reconstruction
    Part 13 Physiotherapy and rehabilitation after breast reconstruction
    Part 14 Anxieties and concerns about breast reconstruction
    Part 15 Mastectomy without reconstruction
    Part 16 Getting all your information together quickly
    Part 17 Final comments - would I do it again?

"Just as I was helped, I hope this book will help many others"
Sally Taylor, TV presenter  

"Most importantly, I was given the facts and the time to make the choice that was right for me. What more could we ask?"
From the foreword by Jenni Murray

About the Authors:
Dick Rainsbury is a Consultant Breast Surgeon and Director of the Breast Unit at Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, UK.

Virginia Straker is a researcher at Winchester & Eastleigh NHS Healthcare Trust and former Senior Breast Care Specialist Nurse at the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, Winchester, UK.

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