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Challenging Cancer

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    ISBN: 9781859590683

Dr Maurice Slevin, Dr Nira Kfir

The shock of finding out that you – or a relative or friend – has cancer can make you feel that life has descended into chaos.

Written by a cancer specialist and a psychotherapist, this book aims to help you make sense of your diagnosis, and to help you move away from chaos towards a situation where you feel you have control back in your life.

This inspiring book explores the use of information, emotional support and the provision of options to help trigger changes in people’s lives. It shows you how through shared experience change and movement can emerge from chaos. 

Table of Contents:
Part 1  The weekend seminar
    Meeting each other
    Crisis in time
    Facing life, facing death
    Family relationships: discussion with supporters
    Family relationships: discussion with patients
    Talking with children
Part 2  Looking at cancer
    What can you do to help yourself?
    Cancer: knowing the enemy
Part 3  From victims to heroes by force of circumstance
    Fighting back
    Crisis and control
    Support: the double message
    Taking control [includes 3 case studies]
Part 4  “Cancer freed me” – the story of Vicky Clement-Jones and the creation of CancerBACKUP
    Meeting Vicky
    An exceptional patient
    Order after chaos: the start of BACUP (now part of Macmillan Cancer Support)
    Towards heroism
    Understanding Vicky
    On her own life

“I cannot commend this book too highly, on both the physical and emotional levels”
Claire Rayner  

“Unbelievably optimistic and a haunting inspiration”
Woman Magazine

About the Authors:
Dr Maurice Slevin MD, FRCP is a Senior Consultant Medical Oncologist at St Bartholomew's Hospital, London, specialising in the treatment of breast, gastrointestinal and gynaecological cancers. He has been interested in the emotional and psychological aspects of cancer for many years and is Chairman of the national cancer information and support charity, Cancerbackup.

Dr Nira Kfir PhD is a psychotherapist. She is the Director of the Maagalim Psychotherapy and Counseling Institute in Tel-Aviv, Israel. She was responsible for developing a crisis intervention program in Israel for group work with bereaved families. She now works extensively with cancer patients, both individually and in groups.

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