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Dump Your Toxic Waist! – Lose inches, beat diabetes and stop that heart attack

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    ISBN: 9781859591918

Dr Derrick Cutting

Lose inches, beat diabetes and stop that heart attack!

Excess fat round your belly is not just dead weight; it's a living liability.

It's a fact. We are getting fatter and risking our health in the process. We are also spending huge sums on pills, potions and faddy diets, with little long-term success. But it doesn't need to be this way. Whether you are aiming to improve your health or you simply want to get slim, this is the only book you need to reverse the metabolic syndrome – the root cause of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Why follow a low-carb, low-GI or low-fat diet that overlooks all the other factors that cause flab and fatigue? At last, here is a book that puts all the science into one powerful and practical plan. It sorts the facts from the fiction to explain exactly why you need to lose the excess weight and how to do it properly!
Follow the ground-breaking 28-day MUNCH plan to reset your metabolism and dump your toxic waist!

Key features:

Table of Contents:
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 The toxic bulge
Part 3 Fat, diabetes and heart disease
Part 4 The diabolic slide
Part 5 Cholesterol and lipids explained
Part 6 Food
Part 7 Having your fill
Part 8 Living life to the full
Part 9 Finding your freedom
Part 10 Action plan

"Highly recommended."
Michael Livingston, Director, H.E.A.R.T UK

"The diet programme in Dump Your Toxic Waist! has really helped me, especially my health. A couple of months before I started the programme, my doctor told me my blood pressure was high. My breathing was very bad – I could hardly walk for two minutes without stopping, feeling tired and dizzy. Now I can proudly say I am all geared up for a marathon! I lost 7kg (15lbs) and 4 inches from my waist. My blood pressure has gone down to normal. Although I've finished the 28 days, this is now my new lifestyle."
Florence T.

About the Author:
Dr Derrick Cutting is a GP and the Senior Partner in a group practice in Surrey. He is passionate about preventing coronary heart disease and diabetes and has a special interest in the impact of diet and lifestyle on health and well being.

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