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Kidney Dialysis & Transplants: Answers at your Fingertips

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    ISBN: 9781859590461

Dr Andy Stein, Janet Wild

When kidneys fail it is a major, life-changing event.  It is natural that anyone facing kidney failure (ESRF) should seek out information. Although treatment is lifelong and complex, there is no reason why patients should not live long and fulfilling lives after their kidneys have failed. This book provides the information on dialysis, diet, drug treatment and social & psychological support that will enable them to do so. 

This is a practical handbook for anyone with long-term kidney failure and their families. Answering hundreds of real questions asked by people with end-stage renal failure, it offers positive, clear and medically accurate advice on every aspect of living with the condition. Most patients and their families want to know the truth - no matter how grim - and they want to know it now.

Sample questions:

Table of Contents:
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 Your kidneys and how they work
Part 3 What happens when kidneys fail?
Part 4 Treatment of kidney failure
Part 5 Investigations and procedures
Part 6 Dialysis
Part 7 Transplants
Part 8 Living with kidney failure
Part 9 Coping with kidney failure
Part 10 Research, ethics and getting involved

"Should help patients take up the challenge of kidney failure, and use the treatments on offer to maximum advantage, thereby enabling them to live longer, healthier lives."   
Terry Feest, Professor of Clinical Nephrology, Southmead Hospital, Bristol  

"An absolute 'must have.'"
Timothy F Statham OBE, Chief Executive, National Kidney Federation UK

For further information about kidney failure please contact the National Kidney Federation,, the only UK charity run by kidney patients for kidney patients.

About the Authors:
Dr Andy Stein MD, MRCP(UK) is Consultant Nephrologist and General Physician at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

Janet Wild RGN is Clinical Education Manager at Baxter Healthcare Ltd.

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