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Managing your Arthritis

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    ISBN: 9781859591215

Mary Anne Dunkin

Arthritis is the biggest single cause of physical disability in the UK, affecting nine million people. Contrary to popular belief, it can affect anyone at any age. Nevertheless, this debilitating condition is often ignored as something to be endured: an old person’s problem that cannot be treated. This book shows that this is most certainly not the case.

The truth is that arthritis can be managed, and this comprehensive guide shows you how to control your condition, reduce the pain, and avoid its crippling effects.

Managing your Arthritis includes: 

Table of Contents:

Part One: Understanding Arthritis
What is arthritis?
What kind of arthritis do I have?
Diagnosing arthritis
After the Diagnosis
Part Two: Treatments for arthritis
Taking drugs for arthritis
Common arthritis drugs
Combination therapy and other options
Surgery for arthritis
Complications and side effects
Other ways to ease symptoms
Reducing stress
Complementary therapies for arthritis
The future of artritis

"A book full of ideas for helping you to manage your arthritis more effectively"
Neil Betteridge, Chief Executive, Arthritis Care

About the Author:
Mary Anne Dunkin is consultant editor to The Arthritis Foundation in the USA, and formerly editor of Arthritis Today. The Medical Editor is Dr John Klippel.

This first UK edition has been completely revised and adapted in cooperation with Arthritis Care, the UK's voice for people with arthritis (

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