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Managing your Multiple Sclerosis

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    ISBN: 9781859590713

Professor Ian Robinson, Dr Frank Clifford Rose

This informative book provides clear and practical advice on many aspects of multiple sclerosis, ranging from dealing with symptoms, to medical management and coping with the issues of everyday living. Topics covered in details include employment, finances, home adaptations, pregnancy and childbirth, and complementary therapies.

Managing your Multiple Sclerosis was written in response to popular demand from readers of Multiple Sclerosis: Answers at your Fingertips. Readers asked for more information on living with MS, and in greater depth, which the expert authors, Professor Ian Robinson and Dr Frank Clifford Rose, have used their unrivalled experience of MS and expertise to provide.

This practical handbook gives you:

Table of Contents:
    Part 1 Multiple Sclerosis Explained
    Part 2 Medical management of MS
    Part 3 Complementary therapies and MS
    Part 4 Problems with urination and bowels
    Part 5 Sexual relationships
    Part 6 Sensations and pain
    Part 7 Fatigue, cognitive and mental problems, depression
    Part 8 Mobility and managing everyday life
    Part 9 Speech difficulties
    Part 10 Eating and swallowing difficulties
    Part 11 Eyesight and hearing problems
    Part 12 Employment
    Part 13 Finances
    Part 14 Housing and home adaptations
    Part 15 Care
    Part 16 Leisure, sport and holidays
    Part 17 Pregnancy, childbirth and the menopause
    Part 18 Research
    Part 19 Glossary

“This book is well written, clear and accurate – it will be a good reference book for people with MS.”
Dr Alexander Burnfield, Trustee, MS Trust

About the Authors:
Professor Ian Robinson MA is Director of the Brunel Research Unit, Brunel University.

Dr Frank Clifford Rose FRCP is a Consultant Neurologist and the Director of the London Neurological Centre, Harley Street, London.

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