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Dr Frank Clifford Rose, Dr Marek J Gawel

Migraine is more than just a headache. It can be a debilitating condition, which has a considerable impact on the quality of life of sufferers and their families. Migraine provides practical information about possible triggers – certain foods for example; the effects of various factors such as stress, or taking the pill; the various types of migraine; the reasons for the feelings of elation or exhaustion that can follow an attack; and suggestions for self-management of migraines.

The more you understand about your migraines and the triggers that cause them, the better able you will be to control them.

In this invaluable guide, the expert medical authors answer all your questions about migraines, and give you all the information you need to manage them.

Table of Contents:

    Part 1 What is migraine?
    Part 2 Other headaches
    Part 3 Post-traumatic headaches
    Part 4 Who gets migraine?
    Part 5 Why does the head ache?
    Part 6 What brings on a migraine attack?
    Part 7 The investigation of headaches
    Part 8 Treatment without drugs
    Part 9 Treatment with drugs
    Part 10 Headache clinics and the future
    Part 11 Appendix: Relaxation exercises
    Part 12 Glossary
    Part 13 Useful addresses

“Whether you are looking for greater understanding of migraine; information on treatment, with or without drugs; or confirmation that your migraine is being appropriately managed, I highly recommend this book.”
Alan Bartle, Chief Executive, The Migraine Trust

About the Authors:
Dr Frank Clifford Rose MD, FRCP, is the Director and Consultant Neurologist of the London Neurological Centre, Harley Street and an Honorary Consulting Neurologist at Charing Cross Hospital. He is the former President of the Neurology Section of the Royal Society of Medicine, and a Trustee (and former Chairman) of the Migraine Trust. He was awarded an Honorary Life Membership of the International Headache Society in 1997.

Dr Marek J Gawel BChir, MB (Camb), studied at Cambridge University, UK and is now Consultant Neurologist at Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto. He is an Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Toronto, Canada. He founded the Headache Research Clinic in Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre where he still works. In 1995 he was the President of the International Headache Congress in Toronto and is the past president and founder member of the Canadian Headache Society. Dr Gawel has been on the board of the Migraine Association of Canada and is the current president of the new web based Headache Network Canada.

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