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Migraine and other Headaches: Answers at your Fingertips

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Dr Manuela Fontebasso

Migraine affects up to 15% of the UK population and countless more suffer from other forms of headache, such as chronic tension headaches and headaches from medication overuse. However, many people never visit a GP with their symptoms, thinking that nothing can be done.

Every headache is unique to the individual, but with careful diagnosis, most headaches can be managed through preventative treatment and pain relief medications. Other measures, such as diet and lifestyle change can also help, as can professional medical guidance.

This all-encompassing guide answers over 590 real patient questions about headaches, giving you the opportunity to really understand your headache and  the best way to treat it.

Questions answered include:

  • I hadn't realised there was more than one type of migraine. What are the main types?
  • I've always had headaches form time to time but they seem to be getting worse. Should I be worried?
  • Is it possible to get stroke as a result of migraine?
  • What is the difference between a chronic daily headache and a medication overuse headache?
  • I get cluster headache that lasts a few weeks at a time. Could it last longer than it does now?
  • Why do I get a headache when i am doing my aerobics class?
  • Do chocolate and cheese trigger migraine?
  • What are women more affected by migraine than men?
  • How would aromatherapy help my headaches?
  • Why has my GP given me an epilepsy drug to stop my migraine?
  • How will my doctor be able to tell if my child has got migraine?

Table of Contents:
Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 What is migraine?
Part 3 Headaches that are not migraine
Part 4 Other non-migraine headaches
Part 5 Recognising possibly more serious headaches
Part 6 Who gets migraine and other headaches?
Part 7 How can I help myself?
Part 8 Complementary therapies
Part 9 Who can help me?
Part 10 What do the doctor and specialist nurse need to know and why?
Part 11 Acute treatment
Part 12 Preventative treatment
Part 13 Tackling medication overuse headache
Part 14 Children and headaches
Part 15 Women, hormones and headaches
Part 16 Research and the future

"a very informative book for those who live with migraine and headache"
Wendy Thomas, Chief Executive, The Migraine Trust  

"has much to offer both the newly diagnosed migraine patient and the more knowledgeable sufferer of long experience"
Ann Turner, Director, Migraine Action

About the Author:
Dr Manuela Fontebasso has been involved in headache since 1997 and is now a GP with Special Interest in the Department of Neuroscience at York Hospital and is Honorary Senior Clinical Tutor at the Hull York Medical School.

Manuela is a member of the British Association for the Study of Headache (BASH) and is on the BASH council with a special interest in education, and is Honorary Medical Advisor to Migraine Action.

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