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Motor Neurone Disease: Answers at your Fingertips

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    ISBN: 9781859590478

Dr Stuart Neilson, Dr Frank Clifford Rose

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is a progressive disorder of the nervous system. Its effects on the body are so severe that it eventually changes the lives of those affected and hence those of their families, friends and work colleagues.

Motor Neurone Disease: Answers at your Fingertips is packed full of sensible advice. The expert authors address the physical and emotional upheaval that MND brings on, discussing its impact on the person with MND and on whole family, offering positive help and advice.  The book provides up-to-date and medically accurate information on a whole range of topics. These include diagnosis and treatment and issues arising from adapting to life with MND, such as mobility, feelings and sexual relationships.

Questions include:
Table of Contents
Part 1 MND explained
Part 2 The possible causes of MND
Part 3 Diagnosis and prognosis of MND
Part 4 Medical Treatments for MND
Part 5 Surgery for MND
Part 6 Complementary therapy and self-help for MND
Part 7 Problems with swallowing and breathing
Part 8 Problems with communication
Part 9 Problems with bladder and bowel function
Part 10 Adapting to life with MND
Part 11 Care and services
Part 12 Employment issues
Part 13 Financial and legal issues
Part 14 Coping with MND
Part 15 Future research into cures and causes

'This book will be a very useful tool for anyone affected by MND'
Heidi Macleod, Motor Neurone Disease Association

'I very much enjoyed reading this book and think it will be well accepted among the many families trying to find information on motor neurone disease.'
Sandra Wilson, Information Officer, Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association

'…an excellent introductory guide for people newly diagnosed or who suspect they have MND'
Jan Chamier, London For further information please contact the Motor Neurone Disease Association

About the Authors
Dr Stuart Neilson BSc, PhD is a lecturer in the Department of Epidemiology, University College, Cork, Eire and former director of Medical Information Systems at CSHSD, Brunel University, Middlesex.

Dr Frank Clifford Rose FRCP, is a Consultant Neurologist and the Director of the London Neurological Centre, Harley Street. He is a former Medical Patron of the Motor Neurone Disease Association.

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