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My Life as a Pancreas

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    ISBN: 9781859592212

Priscilla Call Essert

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A mother of a son diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes recounts her story of coming to terms with his condition with humour, insight and plenty of common-sense advice. My Life as a Pancreas is a refreshingly honest look at the emotional and practical challenges faced by the parents of children with diabetes.

Priscilla Call Essert shares her personal experience to deliver a supportive and positive message to parents in a similar situation.

Table of Contents:

Part 1 Prelude to becoming a pancreas
Part 2 Moving on but not ready to teach
Part 3 Introduction Part 1: The diabetic in my family
Part 4 Introduction Part 2: Life before becoming a pancreas
Part 5 How I became a pancreas
Part 6 What do the doctors really know?
Part 7 How much can go wrong?
Part 8 Who is the expert in your family?
Part 9 From sugar nazi to sugar-pushing momma
Part 10 From suicide to ice cream
Part 11 Dare to travel
Part 12 A new school year: More than a new lunch box and bigger backpack
Part 13 From the mouth of babes: How do you know if you have trained everyone well?
Part 14 Life as a walking public service announcement
Part 15 Pondering's Part 1: Pumping: Easier or just different?
Part 16 Ponderings Part 2: What is the real cost of insulin? The dark side of medicine
Part 17 Just a regular kid
Part 18 Addicted to care giving: Part 1
Part 19 Addicted to care giving: Part 2
Part 20 Retired pancreas looking for work

'"This wonderful book based on a parent's diary provides support, comfort as well as laughter to families with young children with type 1 diabetes...I hope the diary continues to describe the teen years and beyond..."
Alan J. Lewis, PhD, President & CEO, JDRF International

"My Life as a Pancreas brings forward the real life issues of raising a child with diabetes in a way that is supportive, encouraging and - in the end - leaves you smiling."
Mats Walin, Executive Director, Diabetic Youth Foundation

"My Life as a Pancreas is not about the medical intricacies of Type 1 diabetes. Instead, it gives you an insider’s look at the impact that diabetes can have on the day-in and day-out lives of you and your diabetic child. I thank Priscilla for writing this book and sharing her (and her son’s) tales with us. I thank her for not just offering helpful tips (which are useful!) but also for reassuring us that we are perhaps not that strange just because we ask ourselves whether a nosebleed is a good blood check opportunity. And last but not least, I thank her for helping us all realize that we are not alone in our daily co-existence (dare I say “battle”?) with this chronic condition.”
Parent of a child with diabetes

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