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Parkinson’s: A Patient’s View

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    ISBN: 9781872362700
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    ISBN: 9781872362700

Sidney Dorros, with an Introduction by Les Essex

In the first British edition of this classic book, Sidney Dorros tells the remarkable story of how he dealt with Parkinson's for more than 20 years and learned to achieve "accommodation without surrender."  It includes an introduction, written specially for this publication, by Les Essex, a British friend of Sidney Dorros, who also has Parkinson's.

Parkinson's: a Patient's View is a deeply moving account of one man's experiences in coming to terms with life with Parkinson's disease. With honesty and with courage, Sidney Dorros describes how his personal life was affected and how it felt to take part in clinical trials at one of the most eventful times in the history of Parkinson's research.

Despite the difficulties and setbacks of life with Parkinson's, Sidney Dorros's story of tenacity and optimism will inspire people with Parkinson's  - and their relatives, carers and friends.


  1.     Learn all you can about Parkinson’s and its treatment.
  2.     Choose a doctor carefully
  3.     Become a partner in treatment
  4.     Accept and accommodate to your limitations
  5.     Make the most of your remaining abilities: Keep active
  6.     Take care of your general health
  7.     Find purpose in your life
  8.     Reach out to help someone
  9.     Have fun
  10.     Create your own miracle

Table of Contents:

Phase 1. Early symptoms and Treatment
    1. Something Wrong
    2.Facing the Facts
    3. On the Brink
    4. First Crisis
    5. A Hole in the Head
Phase 2. Experience with Medical Research
    6. Becomig an Experimental Patient
    7. Scared Stiff
    8. First Effects of Levodpa
    9. The Prize and the Price
    10. Rewards of being a Pioneer Patient
    11. Seeking the impossible
Phase 3. Accomodation Without Surrender
    12. Adjusting to Retirement
    13. Bromocriptine to the Rescue
    14. And He Taketh Away
    15. To Life
    16. To Love
    Tips for Coping with Parkinson's
    Epilogue 1. A Patients View: Is It Worth It?
    Epilogue 2. A Spouse's View: Yes, It's Worth it!

"I was enthralled and stimulated to read how one man and his family faced up to the challenges set by Parkinson's disease."
Mary G Baker MBE, President of the European Federation of Neurological Associations

"When I first read this book, it was like meeting a friend with lots of similar ideas about coping with Parkinson's. Mine came from listening to hundred's of people with Parkinson's; Sidney's were distilled from his own unique experiences as a patient. I am delighted that many people will have the chance to learn from his experience."
Dr Marie Oxtoby, BSc(Soc), PhD co-author of Parkinson's at your Fingertips

About the Author:
Les Essex, author of the Introduction, was diagnosed with Parkinson's at the age of 37. He served on the Council of Management of the Parkinson's Disease Society for 11 years, as well as the Welfare Advisory Panel, and the Welfare Research Group.

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