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Parkinson’s: Answers at your fingertips

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Bridget McCall, Medical Adviser: Professor Leslie J Findley

Parkinson’s is a progressive neurological disease involving three main symptoms: tremor, stiffness and slowness of movement. It is an extremely complicated and variable condition and no two people are exactly alike in terms of the symptoms they experience and how these progress. Accurate information is essential to help you understand how this difficult condition affects you personally.

This comprehensive guide answers 287 real questions asked by people with Parkinson’s and their families. It covers the whole range of symptoms and treatments, and offers reliable and practical advice on living life with Parkinson’s.

Parkinson’s: Answers at your fingertips includes:

Sample questions include:

Table of Contents:

Part 1 Introduction
Part 2 What is Parkinson's?
Part 3 Symptoms and diagnosis
Part 4 Drug treatment of Parkinson's
Part 5 Other treatments
Part 6 Complementary treatments
Part 7 Access to treatment amd services
Part 8 Attitudes and relationships
Part 9 Caring for the 'carers'
Part 10 Communication
Part 11 Work and Leisure
Part 12 Managing at home
Part 13 Eating and diet
Part 14 Getting around on wheels
Part 15 Finance
Part 16 Care outside the home
Part 17 Research and clinical trials

“provides simple, clear answers to the many questions that people with Parkinson’s, their carers and families face”
Steve Ford, Chief Executive of Parkinson’s UK

About the Authors
Bridget McCall is a freelance writer and editor who previously worked for many years as an information manager at Parkinson's UK, providing resources for people with Parkinson's.

Medical Adviser: Professor Leslie J Findley FRCP
is a Consultant Neurologist at the Essex Neurosciences Unit and Honary Vice President of Parkinson's UK.

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