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Sexual Health For Men: Answers at your Fingertips

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    ISBN: 9781859590119

Dr Philip Kell, Vanessa Griffiths

Good sexual and emotional relationships are vitally important to us. However there are many obstacles that cause frustration, misery and loss of sexual desire and potency. The inability to achieve sexual satisfaction or orgasm affects every adult at some point in our lives, but for one in ten men, this is a permanent and worrying problem. Up to 60% of the population aged over 60 is impotent – though they need not be, if they take appropriate action.

Sexual Health for Men: Answers at your Fingertips answers hundreds of questions on sexual and emotional health. Experts Philip Kell and Vanessa Griffiths show that in very many cases sexual problems can be solved and that we can all achieve healthy and fulfilled sex lives.

Questions include:
  • I cannot get an erection at all at the moment. Will this mean that I shall always be impotent?
  • I didn’t think there was a specific test for ED. Why does my doctor want to do blood tests?
  • What can I do if I get an erection but it doesn’t last?
  • My doctor has said that my failure in the bedroom department is due to surgery that I had or my pills. Is this true?
  • Fatigue is my major problem when it comes to sex. I just don’t feel I have the energy. What can I do?
  • Does Parkinson’s cause impotence? My husband has become impotent at the age of 39, four years after being diagnosed.
  • I have been diagnosed with heart disease. I am worried that I won’t be able to have treatment for my sexual problems. Will the doctor give me any medication?
  • Since being on blood pressure pills, my husband is having a problem getting an erection. Is there a connection?
  • After having a stroke, I find making love difficult as I just can’t move enough. What can you recommend?
  • Do I have to pay for treatment or can I get it on the NHS?
  • My doctor told me first to have some ‘psychosexual therapy’ when I discussed ED with him. What is this?
  • What is testosterone replacement therapy and are there any side effects to this treatment?
  • I have been prescribed viagra but I am nervous about taking it as I don’t like pills. What are the side effects?
  • Do Cialis and Levitra work in the same way as viagra?
  • Is alprostadil suitable for everyone with ED?
  • Are there any drugs that could help rapid ejaculation?
  • I have been told that I have Peyronie’s disease. Is there anything that can be done for me?

Table of Contents

Part 1 Sexual dysfunction explained
Part 2 Causes of sexual dysfunction
Part 3 Sexual dysfunction and other conditions
Part 4 Relationships
Part 5 Treatments
Part 6 Conselling
Part 7 Medical oral treatments
Part 8 Alprostadil treatment
Part 9 Vacuum therapy devices (VTD)
Part 10 Surgery for ED
Part 11 Problems with ejaculation
Part 12 Peyronie's disease

“If you have any questions about sexual health or sexual dysfunction this is the book to answer them."
Ann Tailor, Director of The Sexual Dysfunction Association, formerly the Impotence Association

About the Authors
Dr Philip Kell MB, BS, FRCOG, MFFP, FACSHP, MBA, MSc is a Consultant Physician at the Archway Sexual Health Clinic, London; a Consultant Physician at St John's and St Elizabeth's Hospital, London and an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the Academic Department of STD's at University College London.

Vanessa Griffiths is a Nurse Consultant in Sexual Health in Nottingham, and an Honorary Lecturer at Nottingham University.

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