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Taking Control of Cancer

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    ISBN: 9781859590911

Beverley van der Molen

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? If so you will want to know, right away, what to do and where to turn to for help and answers to your questions - about diagnosis, treatment and how the various health services can help you. There is so much to learn that it’s easy to feel daunted.

This informative book, featuring personal stories from people who have experienced cancer, guides you through the process of finding answers to your questions and to taking control of your cancer.

Table of Contents:
    Part 1 Introduction
    Part 2 Uncertainty and diagnosis
    Part 3 Finding your way around the cancer services
    Part 4 Communicating with health professionals
    Part 5 Sharing the diagnosis
    Part 6 Making choices about treatment
    Part 7 Coping with cancer
    Part 8 What can you do to help yourself? Support and complementary therapies
    Part 9 Other problems affecting communication
    Part 10 Being heard
    Part 11 Seeking information, further reading and resources

“A very useful and immensely supportive book, both for individuals facing cancer and for their loved ones…”
Dr Jo Clough, Senior Lecturer, University of Southampton

“…gives people the tools to enable them to ask directly for what they need.”
Petra Griffiths, Director, The Cancer Resource Centre

About the Author:
Beverley van der Molen, RGN, MSc, BSc, FETC, Onc. Cert. is Patient Information Services Manager at the Royal Marsden NHS Trust, London. She was previously Macmillan Information Officer at the Cancer Resource Centre, London.

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