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Vital Asthma

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    ISBN: 9781859591079

Sue Cross, Dave Burns

Are you involved in caring for people with asthma within your practice? 
If so, this practical manual will give you all the relevant information you need to know for a high-quality, efficient asthma management service, including:

This book contains the essential information you need if you are part of the community asthma care team, whether you are a practice nurse, specialist nurse, GP, community pharmacist or physiotherapist.

Written by two experts in the field, Vital Asthma will be an invaluable companion, allowing you to approach situations within your practice with confidence. And it fits in your pocket, containing all the information in 96 printed pages!

Table of Contents:
    Part 1 Asthma: some background
    Part 2 Atopy, allergy and asthma
    Part 3 Diagnosis and assessment of the asthma patient
    Part 4 Objective measurement of lung function
    Part 5 Pharmacological management
    Part 6 Non-pharmacological management
    Part 7 Acute severe asthma in adults
    Part 8 Children with asthma
    Part 9 Asthma in pregnancy
    Part 10 Asthma in older adults
    Part 11 Educating patients about asthma management
    Part 12 Review and follow-up
    Part 13 Setting up a clinic
    Part 14 Professional issues for practice nurses running asthma clinics
    Part 15 Glossary of terms
    Part 16 Suggested further reading
    Part 17 Courses
    Part 18 Index

‘… will be welcomed as a concise learning resource both by those currently in asthma training, and as an update and a source of reference information by those in practice.’
Dr Mike Thomas FRCP, University of Aberdeen

About the Authors:
Sue Cross RN, NP, Dip, BSc (Hons), PGCE, FAANP is National Project Manager of the Working in Partnership Programme, General Practice Nursing Project. Formerly Associate Director of Primary Care Nursing for Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Eastern Deanery, she was Director of Training at the National Respiratory Training Centre for seven years, before being International Project Manager at the Respiratory Centres, Aintree for three years. She currently runs an asthma and allergy clinic in general practice in Bedfordshire.

Dave Burns RGN, Cert Ed, RNT, BA (Hons) is Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Health, Edge Hill College; and National Training Manager, Respiratory Education and Training Centres, University Hospital Aintree. He qualified in nursing in 1980, and has been teaching in the field of respiratory care for the last five years.

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