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Vital Nephrology: Second Edition

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    ISBN: 9781859591802

Dr Andy Stein, Janet Wild, Dr Paul Cook

It is late at night, and a patient is admitted to your ward in acute renal failure. Or a woman comes in for a routine renal angiogram. Or the man who recently made the decision to discontinue dialysis slips quietly away. What do you do next? This book has the answers.

If you are involved in caring for people with chronic renal failure, as well as other chronic diseases, this handy guide is a must for you. This practical little book gives the basic information you need to know, and alerts you to those situations when you must call in a senior. It is an essential handbook for anyone on the renal team: doctor, nurse, dietician, social worker, counsellor, educator or expert patient, as well as junior nurses and medical students.

Written by three experts in the field, this will be an invaluable companion, allowing you to approach situations on the renal ward with confidence. And it fits in your pocket, containing all the information in 112 pages!


Table of Contents:
    Part 1 Chronic renal failure (CRF)
    Part 2 Renal biopsy
    Part 3 Renal angiogram
    Part 4 Assessment of acute renal failure
    Part 5 Management of acute renal failure
    Part 6 Nephrotic syndrome
    Part 7 Renal bone disease
    Part 8 Anaemia and EPO
    Part 9 Peritonitis and other problems with PD
    Part 10 Vascular access for haemodialysis
    Part 11 Complications of haemodialysis catheters
    Part 12 Transplants
    Part 13 Non-concordance with treatment
    Part 14 Death and bereavement
    Part 15 Appendix: Hints on prescribing

"Very useful for those looking at people with kidney disease. Its refreshing and original formula will also increase its appeal to readers"
Alison MacLeod, Professor in Medicine and Therapeutics, University of Aberdeen

About the Authors:
Dr Andy Stein MD, FRCP is Consultant Nephrologist and General Physician at the University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust.

Janet Wild RGN is Clinical Education Manager at Baxter Healthcare Renal Division and has been a renal nurse since 1988.

Dr Paul Cook MBBS, MSc, MRCP is Renal Registrar at the Hammersmith Hospital, London.

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