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Yoga Tips for People with Multiple Sclerosis

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    ISBN: 9781859592281

Sue Lee

When we are in pain or have a mobility problem, our muscles, joints and tendons start to distort and tighten. To protect ourselves we take smaller, more cautious steps, our muscles tighten to improve balance, and even when the original injury has cleared up, we find it difficult to rectify the ensuing stiffness. Multiple sclerosis can cause severely debilitating muscle spasm and stiffness.

This series of straightforward yoga exercises and breathing techniques have been developed especially to benefit people with MS, and can help to ease and manage these problems. The book describes and illustrates step-by-step exercises to suit all ability levels, and even provides a collection of hints and tips to remedy problems such as headache, bloating, constipation and sleeping difficulties.  

Yoga Tips for People with Multiple Sclerosis shows you how to use simple techniques to:

Yoga is a gentle and controlled method of getting the best from your body despite health problems. It improves breathing, relaxes tense muscles, improves posture and helps to calm the mind.

This book is spiral-bound for ease of use.

"I am sure it will be a popular way of exercising for many people with MS."
Jane Petty, Strategic Lead Physiotherapy, MS Society

About the Author:
Sue Lee has 44 years experience of teaching yoga and has developed a method tailored especially for people with MS.

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